Talk the Talk: Irish, Scottish and British Dialects

Activity: Come along and learn a thing or two about how to make a brand new character debut! If you had the chance to change your fate, or sound proper for a date, dialects is the course for you. Each Thursday we will focus on specific regional dialects including British, Welsh, Scottish and Irish!

Use your mouth, face, throat, tongue & teeth as weapons to create sharp, witty, accents and bring new life to your characters!

Preparation: Bring a glass of water and something to write with.

Counselor: This course is brought to you by Hartian Counselor Simone, who you might remember as the loveable characters of Soup, The Ghost of Soup, Mickey Mouse, The Nut-Free Troll and Rosetta Stone.

Although last summer was Simone’s (they/he) first time in The Realm, he is looking forward to building even bigger, more fantastical worlds this summer. Simone was known to spend most of camp telling campers "DRINK WATER."

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Counselor: Simone Williams
suggested Grades: 6th, 7th, 8th
Limit: 6 participants
1 (or More) Sessions
THU, May 14: Scottish Accents, 4-5pm
THu, May 21: Irish ACCENTS, 4-5pm
THU, May 28: English ACCENTS, 4-5pm
Hosted on Zoom