After-Hours Community Greeter

To apply please send an email inquiry, an application and applicable work experience to contact@adventuresincardboard.



$18/hour, variable hours, 4-8 weeks in the summer

Adventures in Cardboard creates large theatrical sets outdoors in beautiful parks that look like castles and sprawling villages. In our off-hours we need someone to look after them in welcoming, non-aggressive, non-confrontational ways. We occasionally have ‘bored kiddo’ problems, in other words great kids sometimes do silly things when no one’s looking, and many of us at Adventures in Cardboard know this because we used to BE those bored kids!

To watch over our castle-projects we are looking for reliable, outgoing, calm people with strong interpersonal skills, who can exude strong self-confidence. As a deterrence to vandalism, Community Greeters are present by greeting all visitors with information about our camps and insuring that all people, especially kids, feel welcome to explore when they discover these wonderful structures.

Evenings in or near the castle can offer peaceful and friendly outdoor experiences for reflection and conversation. You can of course bring an instrument, sketch pad or computer if you like. You should have your own cell phone and a vehicle. Greeters are cued into local park and/or emergency systems so first responders know they are present and are familiar with their role.

Please be aware that this role puts you in a park after the dark, an experience not suitable for all personalities. Greeters can stay in vehicles after dark as long as they can still see the artwork. In the unlikely event that a Greeter would witness aggressive or destructive behavior, they would remove themselves from danger and call for emergency support. In no way should a greeter physically intervene or call aggression onto themselves.



Arrive on time  - Set yourself up in or by the castle whenever safety and weather permits. Please ‘clock in’ by taking a pic of your set-up and the castle and sending it to [email protected]. If you must remain in your car on a particular day, please park your car so that the project is visible and physically walk around the structure whenever weather permits.


Set Up  -  Make sure you have your fully charged phone, raingear and warm clothes and an Adventures in Cardboard Kiosk for passers-by. Adventures in Cardboard will assign a pop tent, fold up table a lantern and an easy chair  for each Community Greeter to set up to help them stay comfortable and out of the rain.


Conduct Yourself Professionally - Please present a friendly, confident, non-threatening and approachable manner to all people. Please wear your Adventures in Cardboard badge and it’s great if you can wear your Adventures in Cardboard staff t-shirt too.

Please read the Adventures in Cardboard website so you are familiar enough to answer questions about camp. You are a PR person as much as an extra pair of eyes. Hand out business cards to anyone who seems interested.

Invite kids in to check out the castle but keep an eye on things so that destructive behavior doesn’t erupt. Our theory and experience so far has been simple – as long as a friendly official is on site, destructive behavior disappears.

There is often a lot of empty, lonely time to kill on a Community Greeter shift. Feel free to write, play music, paint, draw or read. You may invite friends to join you for your shift as well as long as they can present a friendly and professional demeanor.


Danger - If and you feel danger is present, we direct you to remove yourself immediately and call 911, the Parks and the Director, in that order.


Leaving - When your shift is complete please ‘clock out’ by taking a pic of the castle and sending to [email protected].




There are 4-day and 5-day shifts at each park, though the number of weeks at each park varies.



    Wednesdays, EVENING        3:30-9:30pm

    Thursdays, EVENING             3:30-9:30pm

    Fridays, EVENING                    3:30-10:30pm

    Saturdays, EVENING              4:30-10:30pm

    Sundays, EVENING                  4:30-9:30pm



    Saturdays, DAY                          10:30am-4:30pm

    Sundays, DAY                              10:30am-4:30pm

    Mondays, EVENING                3:30-9:30pm

  Tuesdays, EVENING                 3:30-9:30pm



    Tony Schmidt Regional Park, Saint Paul

    West Bush Lake Park, Bloomington

    Moir Park, Blopomington

    Nine Mile Creek, Bloomington

    Theo Worth Park, MInneapolis