The Heroes of Rubywillow: Beyond the Glade

The Story: Play as the Heroes of Rubywillow, in a fantasy world of small woodland animals who have their various kingdoms and clans and experience the adventure of a lifetime! You will begin as citizens of Rubywillow, a quaint village that dwells within a massive apple tree in a secluded forest glade. Each player will be one of several animal types (such as mouse, squirrel, rabbit, frog, and more!), and have the opportunity to take on unique roles (including warrior, mage or archer). One night, during a horrible storm, Rubywillow is struck with a powerful bolt of lightning that nearly splits the tree in half. Beyond the destruction to their poor village, the life-giving tree itself is dying. If the great village of Rubywillow is to ever stand tall and proud again, the tree must be saved! It is up to you, the brave adventurers who have taken up the call, to set out beyond the Glade and find the magical cure that’s rumored to lie in the Shimmering Forest far to the East. Though you’ve never stepped foot outside the Glade in your lives, you will now journey together across the strange lands beyond, filled with kingdoms and clans of villainous cats, benevolent birds, and mysterious reptiles to either help or hinder you on your sacred quest. You are the Heroes of Rubywillow, and the fate of your home is in your hands!

GM: Marc Berg
suggested Grades: 3rd, 4th, 5th
limit: 6 players
10 Sessions, 4-6pm
MondayS-FridayS, May 18-29
simplified house rules loosely based on D&D
Hosted on ROll20 

Style of Play: Very simple rules that focus mostly on d20 and d6 rolls, with minimal statistics. A fantasy adventure game, heavily inspired by the Redwall book series and classic fantasy stories like Lord of the Rings. There will be a big focus on roleplaying and group storytelling, as well as plenty of fast-paced combat with easy-to-learn rules. You’ll meet friends and foes, as well as find traps, puzzles, treasure, and surprises around every turn! Plenty of interactive maps, character tokens, and music to set the scenes.

Player Preparation: A MICROPHONE IS REQUIRED. We will be using voice chat to communicate, and it is crucial that we can all hear each other. Beyond that, we will spend the first session learning how to play and creating characters. You will receive some background information before the first session, but don’t do get ahead of yourself — all final decisions about our characters will be made on the first day. There will be some guidelines and restrictions for what kinds of characters you’ll play as.

About the GM: Marc Berg is a seasoned Game Master with over a decade of experience running tabletop games such as Pathfinder and D&D. He likes to run games with a focus on roleplaying and exploration; rewarding cooperation, creativity, and curiosity.