Classic AiC Program

Get every great aspect of Adventures in Cardboard® with the Classic AiC Program. Based upon our winning summer camp template, this Program gives attention to all three AiC Activities: Crafting, Gameplay, and Roleplay. We aim to use these activities as a means of discovering and igniting kids’ passions.  Once a kid finds connection through an activity, that connection opens kids to greater capacity for communication, critical thinking, and participating in a community of consent.

A Classic AiC Program begins with an introduction session where kids learn the mythology of the Realm, design and build at least one tagger prop*, learn safe sword tag, and play simple games under our close supervision. As the Program continues, our sessions incorporate kids’ stories into the mythology, mentor projects like shields and armor, and teach more complex games like Capture the Flag. The final Program session often ends with a large-scale event that everyone can participate in.

Consider your time frame, numbers, and location. We recommend 2 hours per session (partnered with your teachers during the school day or as an after school program) with a recommended 3-5 sessions total (over the course of one week or multiple weekly sessions). We love to play our games in nature, even in snow and rain so long as kids are prepared. We’re very adaptable to your needs and are very excited to partner with your educators. Contact us with any questions or to get the ball rolling. Let’s talk!

*We will coordinate a method to best store Cardboard Creations so they do not distract students during school.