Class of 5021


Story: Welcome, Class of 5021, to the Interstellar Lancer Academy! As you may know, the galaxy is a dangerous place. In the dark corners of outer space, ruthless tyrants, treacherous pirates, and inexplicable mysteries menace humanity's new golden age. That's why our renowned professors will teach you to solve these problems just like anyone would: by PUNCHING THEM WITH A GIANT ROBOT. Pilot classes begin Monday. Don't forget to pack your laser sword.

Style of Play: "Lancer" is a game about piloting giant robots that shifts between freeform, imaginative roleplay and intense, tactical combat. This game will use Lancer to tell a lighthearted high-school story about young pilots learning to save the universe from evil. No previous experience with Lancer or roleplaying games is necessary; your Game Master will help you learn to play.

Preparation: Each player will fill out a short online survey, and then the Game Master will build them a pilot and a robot that suits them perfectly.

GM: Kieran "Cap'n Bob" Sheldon
suggested Grades: 5th, 6th, 7th
limit: 6 players
10 Sessions, July 6 - July 17
Mon-FRI, 2-4pm CST
LANCER (Giant Battle Mech RPG)
Hosted on Roll20

Game Master: Kieran (known at camp as "Cap'n Bob") is a Game Design student with over a decade of GM experience and a love of working with younger players. In his previous games, his 4th-8th-grade players have slain the Kraken, stopped an alien invasion, fulfilled an ancient prophecy, and accidentally opened a portal to the Viking Dimension. He can do a darn good pirate voice.