Being a Counselor-in-Training at Adventures in Cardboard® is a demanding volunteer role for people age 16 and up. It is a role you’ll want to consider carefully before taking on. We ask that you try two or three weeks to start because it will take you that long to get the hang of it.

Working at AiC is VERY different from being an adventurer at camp.

It is not fun at all. 

Well, not in any of the same ways you have fun as an adventurer. The reward of being a C.I.T. is the joy of helping OTHERS experience the wonder that comes with co-creating and living in this incredible world we all labor to make together.

Many of our best counselors have been adventurers at AiC and we want to seek to hire former adventurers to create a sense of legacy at AiC whenever possible.  Unfortunately, we only have room to hire a few of the most committed and attentive C.I.T.’s each year.

All C.I.T. applicants:

  • must be at least 16 years of age
  • preferably have skills in theatre, visual arts, carpentry, music and/or storytelling
  • preferably have an interest and knowledge of mythical folklore and fantasy literature and/or gaming
  • preferably will be able to commit to 3 weeks of full-time summer employment between June 11 and August 17th (not including the week of the 4th of July.)
  • must be willing and able to independently travel to regional parks that could be distant from home.
  • must be able to attend an unpaid staff training the weekend of June 2 & 3, 2018

As with all children’s work under Minnesota law, employment at AiC is ABSOLUTELY DEPENDENT on applicants passing a Predatory Offender Registration check and a BCA criminal background check pursuant to Minnesota Statute §299C.62.


Duties of a C.I.T.

All C.I.T.s are assigned a staff person who will act as their mentor: your mentor will check in with you periodically about your progress and about how your workload is feeling. During the summer it is important to communicate your needs to your mentor and/or Coordinators and to let them know if something is NOT working for you. Being able to communicate your needs to us honestly so that we can help you perform your best is part of being a great C.I.T. We have no room for stoics. Working at AiC is a community endeavor and none of us is great enough to shoulder the responsibility without the help of our peers.

Here are the roles of a C.I.T. though the list is not meant to be exhaustive:

  • attend an all-staff orientation in June.
  • proactively assist counselors in the Armory and Castle Activities as needed.
  • occasionally assist in the Games Activity at check-points or sometimes (rarely) as characters.
  • attend staff meetings.
  • help with Friday Strikes, sometimes until 5:30pm.

The hours of are 8am-3:15pm, Mon-Fri, finishing 5:30pm on Friday.

It is a volunteer position and offers no compensation.


To Apply

If interested please email cover letters to: [email protected]

Title your email: C.I.T. Application.

In your email please include:

  • your experience in the arts or gaming
  • your experience with AiC
  • and briefly why you are interested in applying.

A resume is also highly encouraged.

We will contact you in April. Interviews will be conducted at the end of April or in the month of May. If you are offered a position you will attend an all-staff orientation in early June and choose 2-6 weeks to work.

And thank you soooo much for your interest. We sincerely respect and honor that you would commit your precious time to helping make Adventures in Cardboard® happen.