Props and Costume Focus

Cardboard is an underestimated artistic medium.  Props and Costumes Focus is a Program that helps the imagination to break through to possibilities of all sorts of Cardboard Creations!  Using basic cuts, folds, and an incremental understanding of geometry, we aim to give kids a better understanding of spatial awareness and manipulation by creating an expertly crafted suit of cardboard armor!

A Props and Costume Program begins with an introduction session where kids immediately dive into assembling the pieces of a pre-cut suit of armor*. While assembling the suit, kids learn basic geometry, design, and tool** skills. After the first session, kids continue by finishing the armor we provide, customize the armor with their own add-ons, and then use their time to design and build whatever they’d like with our mentorship. Depending on time allotted, we also teach safe sword tag and offer games as an option for short periods at the end of each session.

Consider your time frame, numbers, and location. We recommend 2 hours per session (partnered with your teachers during the school day or as an after school program) with a recommended 3-5 sessions total (over the course of one week or multiple weekly sessions). We love to play our games in nature, even in snow and rain so long as kids are prepared. We’re very adaptable to your needs and are very excited to partner with your educators. Contact us with any questions or to get the ball rolling. Let’s talk!


* We will coordinate a method to best store Cardboard Creations so they do not distract students during school.

** Educating the safe use of utility blades is something we take very seriously. A student must be at least 11-years-old to be trained in its usage. Giving kids proper training and earning responsibility is an important step in a child’s growth. Kids will be able to participate without utility blades if they are too young for training.