Final Delve

The Story: The final chapter begins in this high-fantasy Iron Age setting! Characters can be imported from previous games, but the setting and adventures will be entirely new. No previous experience with the game is required. Ironsworn adventures are developed collaboratively as the players go along, based on their own ideas and rolls on "oracle" tables.

Style of Play: Ironsworn is a system that focuses on storytelling and player decisions. We use a character sheet on that can make automatic rolls for most game moves. Creativity and improvisation are encouraged!
Preparation: None, but feel free to research the Ironsworn source books, available for free online. Players might also choose three assets for their character.

About the GM: Long ago, Chad was in a college improv troupe and developed a love for making up stories with other people. Even longer ago, he played Dungeons and Dragons and read every fantasy and science fiction book he could get his hands on. More recently, he earned a PhD in literature, self-published a novel, and taught English in other countries.

GM: Chad Hines
suggested Grades: 5th - 7th
limit: 4 players
5 Sessions, Aug 10 - 14
Mon-FRI, 3-5pm CDT
Hosted on Roll20 & Zoom