Dragon Companions

Activity: Do you spend all your “Follow Your Bliss” time at camp in the Armory? Do you love working on special projects that go beyond making weapons and swords? Most importantly, have you always wanted a ferocious or mysterious or dangerous or adorable or magical dragon to accompany you on all of your adventures? In this activity, we will adapt armory building techniques to techniques you can easily do in your home without a utility knife or an industrial stapler, and make our very own cardboard dragons!

Preparation: Before beginning, kids should forage for supplies!

  • Scissors
  • Cereal boxes (2)
  • Tape (duck or masking)
  • Writing utensil
  • Measuring Tape
  • Yarn


  • Stapler
  • Paint
  • Decorations (such as sequins, craft gems, odd shiny objects from around the house, etc.)

Counselor: Eva is a third year Adventures in Cardboard counselor who hails from the Band of Mountains (formerly the Green Band.) She has spent the last two summers as a House Counselor, and her favorite part of camp is helping campers in the Armory. She is known for her epic collection of dragons, including Alfred, a fire dragon, and Sylvie, a sky dragon. She and her dragons can often be spied roaming around the wild woods of the Realm, seeking help from brave adventures who might be able to reunite her dragons with their lost dragonnettes (who, like all children, have a tendency to wander off.) In her life outside of the realm, Eva is an art teacher and professional artist, and is particularly passionate about making puppets.

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Counselor: eva  Adderly 
suggested Grades: 3-5
Limit: 6 participants
1 Sessions, June 6
Saturday, 3:30-5:30pm
Hosted on Zoom