The World Below


The Story: Every surface-dweller has heard fearful stories of Khyber, the underground world of monsters and madness. Far beneath the earth, this subterranean realm stretches for miles, its caverns teeming with mushroom forests, lost civilizations, and twisted horrors. And yet... for the merchant houses of the surface, Khyber offers a rare source of dragonshards, magical crystals that power the world's arcane industry. But, of course, the elites of the merchant houses won't risk their lives on a perilous descent into Khyber in search of these dragonshards. That's where you come in.

Style of Play: This game will be set in D&D's "Eberron" setting, a war-scarred world of intrigue and omnipresent magical technology. (However, players do not need any prior experience with D&D or Eberron to play). Gameplay will focus on exploration of a vast subterranean landscape, interspersed with bouts of thrilling combat. The World Below will appeal to players who enjoy discovering strange new worlds in the name of adventure.

Preparation: Each player will fill out a short online survey indicating what sort of character they want to play, and the GM will build them the perfect explorer.

suggested Grades:  7th, 8th, 9th
limit: 6 players
10 Sessions, 4-6pm
Mon-Fri, May 11-May 22
D&D5E (Eberron Setting)
Hosted on ZOOM & ROll20 

About the GM: Kieran (known at camp as Cap'n Bob) is a game design student with over a decade of GM experience. In his previous games, his players have slain the Kraken, stopped an alien invasion, fulfilled an ancient prophecy, and accidentally opened a portal to the Viking Dimension. He can do a darn good pirate voice