Dungeons and Dishes


The Story: We had such fun with the last Dundeons & Dishes that we're going again this time for two weeks!

Welcome to Dungeons and Dishes, the world's premier reality cooking show for adventurers! Each episode, bold teams of chefs will venture into the catacombs beneath the esteemed Oakwood Tavern in search of ingredients to please our judge's palates! Will they prepare a wyvern egg omelette? A stinky cheese made with owlbear milk? A gelatinous cube... of jello? And who will our judges ultimately pick as the King of the Kitchen? Tune in weekdays at 1:30 central to find out!

Style of Play: One part traditional dungeon delve, one part cooking chaos, Dungeons and Dishes will use standard D&D rules to tell a wild story of mayhem, madness, and mozzarella. Expect tricky combat sessions followed by freeform roleplaying as you decide how best to grill and season the beasts you've slain, in the style of cooking shows like Top Chef and The Great British Bake Off. No prior experience with either D&D or cooking is required.

Preparation: Each player will fill out a short online survey indicating what sort of character they want to play, and the GM will build them the perfect chef.

suggested Grades: 5th, 6th, 7th
limit: 6 players
10 Sessions, 4-6pm
Wed and Fri, Nov 11 - Dec 11
Hosted on ZOOM & ROll20 

About the GM: Kieran (known at camp as Cap'n Bob) is a game design student with over a decade of GM experience and a love of working with younger players. In his previous games, his 4th-8th-grade players have slain the Kraken, stopped an alien invasion, fulfilled an ancient prophecy, and accidentally opened a portal to the Viking Dimension. He can do a darn good pirate voice.