AiC New Logo 2018

FALL 2018

Adventures in Cardboard will be offering several Saturday Game Days at regional parks in the metro area in September and October. This is a chance for teams of adventurers to experience our games and building systems in a one day smorgasbord of swashbuckling fun.

We'll also be offering several ongoing cardboard construction workshops and a few one-day experiences at our new studio at 4501 Hiawatha Avenue in Minneapolis.

Choices for Fall 2018 Adventures will be posted by 9pm, Friday July 13th, and you'll be able to register on our new system at that time. Please check back soon for more fantastic adventures planned for the heart of fall.


And... registration for Summer Camp 2019 will begin Saturday, Jan 12th at 8am, at your same favorite parks with your same favorite counselors in the Blue, Green and Gold Bands. Thanks for being a part of The Realm this year and making our adventures great!