Final Descriptions and Registration opens Monday, September 12, at 6pm!

  • Game Day #1: Sovereigns of the Dimhellir, likely held at French Regional Park, Sunday, Sep 25th
  • Game Day #2: Curse of the Terrorhorns, likely held at West Bush Lake Park, Sunday, Oct 2nd
  •  Open Armory Workshops, likely held at Station 24, Eight Saturdays Sep 24 to Nov 19, AM or PM
  • Space Opera Mini Camp, likely held at Wirth Park Pavilion, MEA weekend, Oct 20, 21, 22
  • The Yule Hunt: A Beastly Holiday Mini Camp, likely held at Wirth Park Chalet, Dec 18, 20, 21
  • In Person, TableTop, Roleplaying Games:likely scattered throughout the seasons
  • ...and month-long After School Programs at Station 24 likely start in January.