The Yule Hunt

A Beastly Holiday Minicamp & Solstice Celebration!

Mon, Tue, Wed: Dec 19, 20, 21, 2pm-7pm, ages 10-16, $339

Wirth Park Chalet, 13301 Theodore Wirth Parkway, Minneapolis
 High Combat Play

This will be lavish three-day, mystical, holiday-themed mini-camp! Think Gawaine and the Green Knight meets Krampus meets the Mari Lwyd and tradition of the mummers and wassailers, all within the excitement of an Adventures in Cardboard battle game in the evening!

On the last night, the Winter Solstice, there will be food, music, theatre and celebration for campers and their families afterward until 8pm!

All across the Realm, and particularly in north Mabon and the Toerc Amrhet, Yuletide tradition demands the hosting of rambunctious hunting games between convivial villages. As the dying year is supplanted by the new one, hunters compete for New Year's fortune as they stalk the Wild Stag of the Wood.  However, after sunset, these activities rouse a beast out of its slumber each night, and the hunters become the hunted! Those who solve a desperate group quest, before too much time passes, may avoid or overcome the beast for a special Yuletide blessing, while those who lag behind may not live to see the New Year!

Join us for our first evening gaming event! Build arms and armor by the hearth in the short light of afternoon! Hear the horns call you out to the hunt in the dying light! And after sunset... beware the beasts! Joyous, mystical and terrifying - a different beast emerges each evening before campers merrily romp back to the Chalet fireplace for music and yuletide festivities!