Fall Adventures, Minnesota - 2023

  • Game Day 1: The Game of Towns, Spring Lake Park Reserve, Hastings, Sat, Sep 16, 11am-4pm, ages 10-16
  • Game Day 2: Elimination, West Bush Lake Park, Bloomington, Sat, Sep 23, 11am-4pm, ages 10 -16
  • Iron Weekend: Advanced AiC, West Bush Lake Park, Bloomington, Sat & Sun, Sep 30 and Oct 1, 11am-4pm,ages 12-16
  • Space Opera Weekend, Theo Wirth Park, Minneapolis , Sat & Sun, Oct 7 & 8, 11am-4pm, ages 8-15
  • Colossus & Boss Armor Workshop, Adventures in Cardboard, Minneapolis, Sat & Sun, Oct 14 & 15, 10am-3pm, ages 10-16
  • Mystery Event 2023: Adventures in Cardboard, Minneapolis, Fri, Nov 3, 4-8pm, ages 12-16
  • The Yule Hunt: A Beastly Holiday Mini Camp, Schaar's Bluff, Hastings, Mon-Wed, Dec 18, 19 & 20, 3-7pm, ages 10-16

Game Day 1: The Game of Towns

Saturday, Sep 16, 11am-4pm, ages 10 -16, $99

Spring Lake Park Reserve, 8395 127th St E, Hastings
 High Combat Play

The Game of Towns is back for our second beta testing session.  This is a game based on asymmetric objectives where three types of teams, Free Towns, Royal Houses and Bandits compete for the highest point total. Although this is a competitive game, different teams must work together to achieve the unique goals of their team-type. Bandits must plunder Towns and harry Houses. Houses must capture and acquire territories from other Houses while policing Bandits. And Towns must collect resources from territories, produce goods and conduct trade with other Towns. Each team will have to rely on other teams to succeed.

This is a high combat game, but it should also involve some artistry if you'd like to play as part of a Town. The game will likely work best with three teams of each type, so we welcome all types of players - bandits, merchants and knights of the Realm!


Game Day 2: Elimination!

Saturday, Sep 23, 11am-4pm, ages 10-16, $99

West Bush Lake Park, 9401 West Bush Lake Rd, Bloomington

 High Combat Play


Meet your team members, make your own arms and armor and play a one-day beta test game of Elimination!

The game is much like Dominion. In Elimination four to six warbands will compete for flags and territories, but instead of vying for the highest point total, the mechanics of flag captures and territory captures are used for cornering and eliminating teams from the game! All flag and territory captures will happen in real time without any stopping for strategic rounds of play. Players on teams that are eliminated will have some choice in either joining opposing teams or playing other roles on the trails.


Iron Weekend:

Developing an Advanced AiC!

Sat & Sun, Sep 30 & Oct 1, 11am-4pm, ages 12-16, $249

West Bush Lake Park, 9401 West Bush Lake Rd, Bloomington

 High Combat Play

Screen Shot 2023-09-18 at 9.28.24 PM

The cannons died and the world grew still!

Weary of battle, the people of the Six Houses toppled their esteemed leaders and cast aside war. And in the peace that followed, a host of institutions new and ancient reached their full glory: a variety of sanctuaries appeared in every city, and a roving order of rangers patrolled the beautiful and still dangerous wilds between them. The prestigious Draechian Academy of Mages opened its doors to new initiates and even the underbelly of society flourished - the Serpent’s Fang were as busy as ever doing what they would, and could, and still by any means!

Yet peace is a mirror that can be most easily shattered. After fifty years of mutual growth and cooperation, another Great Sorrow fell from the sky to shatter the project. The flags of mistrust, envy, pride and ignorance were hoisted and from a hundred societal fractures a hundred factions formed.

Now you are in this dangerous game! Find and join a faction with goals set against all others, train yourself in a certain class of adventurer, take up arms again... not even your dreams are safe from what’s to come!

Join us for a new way to play AIC! With all new classes and features, welcome to ADVANCED AIC!

Iron band is testing out a new system of combat and roleplay, where your actions and decisions will have more impact on the story from year to year. Pick from a wide range of classes that affect how you play the game.

This weekend will serve as a beta test for a new type of summer camp, in the same vein as tactical and theatrical. Your feedback from this event will help us shape the style of play for next summer!

small battle ax

Space Opera Weekend:

Clans of the Skylords

Sat & Sun, Oct 7 & 8, 11am-4pm, ages 8-16, $249

Theo Wirth Park Pavilion, 3200 Glenwood Ave, Minneapolis High Combat Play

100 Years on Deserted Planet!

We're taking a break from our canonical saga and creating a new game based on clans descended from the survivors of a starship wreck on a distant and hostile world. Changeable environmental factors, new character classes, new challenges and new monstrosities will affect your game. A full Star Wars-like arsenal of characters, classes, melee weapons and nerf gear will be available to you!


Colossus & Boss Armor Weekend 

Sat & Sun, Oct 14 & 15

10am-3pm, ages 10-16, $299

Adventures in Cardboard, Station 24, 4501 Hiawatha Ave, Minneapolis


Colossus by Julian McFaul

Over a long weekend each participant to emerge with a fully functional suit of AiC-style boss armor. Start with a Colossus-style suit from pre-cut pieces and change it to suit your own artistic sensibilities or if you are inspired, industrious and experienced, make a whole new suit from scratch!

Ten skilled and accomplished cardboard artists will be available for just twenty participants! Come prepared to work hard, come with an idea in mind and together we'll forge your designs into reality!

Mystery Event 2023:

Theme and Story in Development

Registration opens Sep 4th.

Friday, Nov 3, ages 12-16, times TBD

Adventures in Cardboard, 4501 Hiawatha Ave, Minneapolis

 Low Combat Play


Last Spring's mystery was an evening of mayhem and intrigue at Manderley Manor! Players put their detective skills to the test as they joined their favorite AIC counselors for a devious dinner party, glamorous games, perilous plots, underworld explorations, secret goddess cults and a cacophony of chaotic clues! It was an evening to die for!

Our next mystery is in development, but the bones will be the same. You'll be invited to an event, things will go foul and YOU will have to figure it out before it's too late.

Mystery Events are similar to our Theatrical Weeks in summer: low-swordplay events, focused chiefly on live-action role play, character intrigue, and outrageous storytelling. Be prepared to come as a character or simply as yourself, but make sure to bring your appetite for mystery!


The Yule Hunt: A Beastly Holiday Minicamp

Mon, Tue, Wed: Dec 18, 19, 20, 3pm-7pm, ages 10-16, $349

Spring Lake Park Reserve, Schaar's Bluff, 8395 127th St East, Hastings
 High Combat Play

This will be another lavish, three-day, mystical, holiday-themed mini-camp in the Torc Amret, with many improvements made from last year! Think Gawaine and the Green Knight meets Krampus meets the Mari Lwyd meets the tradition of the mummers, wassailers and revelers, all within the excitement of several Adventures in Cardboard-style hunting and battle games in the winter evenings! After each game there will be songs and stories for the player's entertainment.

All across the Realm, and particularly in old Mabon, Yuletide tradition demands the hosting of rambunctious hunting games between convivial villages. As the dying year is supplanted by the new one, hunters compete for New Year's fortune as they stalk the Wild Stag of the Wood.  However, after sunset, these activities rouse a beast out of its slumber each night, and the hunters become the hunted! Those who solve a desperate group quest, before too much time passes, may avoid or overcome the beast for a special Yuletide blessing, while those who lag behind may not live to see the New Year!

Joyous, mystical and hopefully terrifying: build arms and armor by the hearth in the short light of afternoon! Hear the horns call you out to the hunt in the dying light! And after sunset... beware the beast!


And coming soon:

A series of tabletop role-playing adventures at our Hiawatha Studio lead by your favorite counselors!

Registration opens Sep 30th.