Fall Adventures, Minnesota - 2023

  • Iron Weekend: Advanced AiC, West Bush Lake Park, Bloomington, Sat & Sun, Sep 30 and Oct 1, 11am-4pm,ages 12-16
  • Space Opera Weekend, Theo Wirth Park, Minneapolis , Sat & Sun, Oct 7 & 8, 11am-4pm, ages 8-15
  • Mystery Event 2023: The Labyrinth of Nithra Adventures in Cardboard, Minneapolis, hourly Fri, Sat or Sun, Nov 3-5, ages 8-16
  • The Yule Hunt: A Beastly Holiday Mini Camp, Schaar's Bluff, Hastings, Mon-Wed, Dec 18, 19 & 20, 3-7pm, ages 10-16

Space Opera Weekend:

Clans of the Skylords

Sat & Sun, Oct 7 & 8, 11am-4pm, ages 8-16, $249

Theo Wirth Park Pavilion, 3200 Glenwood Ave, Minneapolis High Combat Play

Clans of the Skylord 

100 years after the starship Skylord crashes on a distant and hostile planet, the survivors have deliquesced into idiotic clans battling each other for resources and ancient technology in an inhospitable world!

You will join one of three foolish groups and compete in a rollicking, weekend-long adventure:

  • The Mon Grels: an uppity, high-nosed, Mad-Maxian, warmongering clan. A bit like British tea drinkers but with spiky armor and terrible attitudes.
  • The Squimmers: vidiots obsessed with theatrical boasting and raised on the televised pro wrestling spectacles of centuries long-past.
  • Daniel/Danielle: A single, clever fool found a replicating machine and has been cloning themselves for the last 100 years. The entire team is Daniel or Danielle.
    Register now through Friday!



Mystery Events 2023: The Labyrinth of Nithra

hourly Fri, Sat or Sun, Nov 3-5, ages 8-16, $69

Adventures in Cardboard, 4501 Hiawatha Ave, Minneapolis 

 Low Combat Play


The Labyrinth of Nithra

Do you feel the cold wind, mortal? Do you smell the tang of salt and the fragrance of decay? The veil between your world and ours is thin! Each year, just after All Hallow’s Eve, a gate opens to the Realm of Nithra—a pocket dimension wherein lies a great Labyrinth. Find the Portal, navigate the briny caverns and explore treasure-laden ruins, meet eldritch creatures both friend and foe, and even go toe-to-toe with the Archfey itself! A great reward awaits you should you complete the maze… but beware! Danger lurks around every corner, so bring your courage, cleverness, and cunning to the Labyrinth of Nithra!

The minds behind Summer Theatrical Week and Murder at Manderley Manor invite you to a brand-new immersive experience! Join your favorite AIC counselors for a highly-interactive theatrical event that is equal parts maze, escape room, and haunted house!

The Labyrinth of Nithra will take place at the newly-renovated Adventures in Cardboard Studio at 4501 Hiawatha Ave, Minneapolis. One-hour time slots for ten participants are available the weekend of Nov 3-5, Friday-Sunday. Both individual and group slots are available. Similar to past theatrical events, this will be a low-swordplay event focused chiefly on live-action role-play, intrigue, and puzzle-solving! Come as a character or simply as yourself, and enjoy a deeply-immersive AIC theatrical experience!


The Yule Hunt: A Beastly Holiday Minicamp

Mon, Tue, Wed: Dec 18, 19, 20, 3pm-7pm, ages 10-16, $349

Spring Lake Park Reserve, Schaar's Bluff, 8395 127th St East, Hastings
 High Combat Play

This will be another lavish, three-day, mystical, holiday-themed mini-camp in the Torc Amret, with many improvements made from last year! Think Gawaine and the Green Knight meets Krampus meets the Mari Lwyd meets the tradition of the mummers, wassailers and revelers, all within the excitement of several Adventures in Cardboard-style hunting and battle games in the winter evenings! After each game there will be songs and stories for the player's entertainment.

All across the Realm, and particularly in old Mabon, Yuletide tradition demands the hosting of rambunctious hunting games between convivial villages. As the dying year is supplanted by the new one, hunters compete for New Year's fortune as they stalk the Wild Stag of the Wood.  However, after sunset, these activities rouse a beast out of its slumber each night, and the hunters become the hunted! Those who solve a desperate group quest, before too much time passes, may avoid or overcome the beast for a special Yuletide blessing, while those who lag behind may not live to see the New Year!

Joyous, mystical and hopefully terrifying: build arms and armor by the hearth in the short light of afternoon! Hear the horns call you out to the hunt in the dying light! And after sunset... beware the beast!



Game Day 1: The Game of Towns

Saturday, Sep 16, 11am-4pm, ages 10 -16, $99

Spring Lake Park Reserve, 8395 127th St E, Hastings
 High Combat Play

The Game of Towns is back for our second beta testing session.  This is a game based on asymmetric objectives where three types of teams, Free Towns, Royal Houses and Bandits compete for the highest point total. Although this is a competitive game, different teams must work together to achieve the unique goals of their team-type. Bandits must plunder Towns and harry Houses. Houses must capture and acquire territories from other Houses while policing Bandits. And Towns must collect resources from territories, produce goods and conduct trade with other Towns. Each team will have to rely on other teams to succeed.

This is a high combat game, but it should also involve some artistry if you'd like to play as part of a Town. The game will likely work best with three teams of each type, so we welcome all types of players - bandits, merchants and knights of the Realm!



Game Day 2: Elimination!

Saturday, Sep 23, 11am-4pm, ages 10-16, $99

West Bush Lake Park, 9401 West Bush Lake Rd, Bloomington

 High Combat Play


Meet your team members, make your own arms and armor and play a one-day beta test game of Elimination!

The game is much like Dominion. In Elimination four to six warbands will compete for flags and territories, but instead of vying for the highest point total, the mechanics of flag captures and territory captures are used for cornering and eliminating teams from the game! All flag and territory captures will happen in real time without any stopping for strategic rounds of play. Players on teams that are eliminated will have some choice in either joining opposing teams or playing other roles on the trails.



Colossus & Boss Armor Weekend 

Sat & Sun, Oct 14 & 15

10am-3pm, ages 10-16, $299

Adventures in Cardboard, Station 24, 4501 Hiawatha Ave, Minneapolis


Colossus by Julian McFaul

Over a long weekend each participant to emerge with a fully functional suit of AiC-style boss armor. Start with a Colossus-style suit from pre-cut pieces and change it to suit your own artistic sensibilities or if you are inspired, industrious and experienced, make a whole new suit from scratch!

Ten skilled and accomplished cardboard artists will be available for just twenty participants! Come prepared to work hard, come with an idea in mind and together we'll forge your designs into reality!