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Here you can find information regarding basic rules of Safe Sword tag, games to play with these rules, videos and instructions for assembling 3-D Cardboard puzzles, and more information yet to come regarding the Adventures in CARDboard card game!

Learn the rules of Safe Sword Tag before challenging a friend or foe to a duel, working with a team of highly skilled fighters to protect your medic against another the opposing forces of another team and their trusty medic, or gathering your closest allies to fight against a grouping of your greatest enemies!

Follow the link below to access a page with Safe Sword Tag rules and the rules to 3 games we play in the Realm.

It's dangerous to go alone ... take this

The Quizzical Equine

Click here for a video demonstration of The Quizzical Equine's assembly and a challenge from Art and Play Instructor Tyler: 3-D Horse Puzzle Assembly

Click here for The Quizzical Equine's assembly instructions

The Perplexed Dragon

Click here for a video demonstration of The Perplexed Dragon's assembly and a challenge from Art and Play Instructor Anna: 3-D Dragon Puzzle Assembly

Click here for The Perplexed Dragons assembly instructions

Yet to come ...

A yet to be created 3-D puzzle that will offer complex build possibilities and design opportunities!

The Ultimate Game Challenge: having solved all of our puzzles, are you able to design and build your own? We have created some basic instructions for creating your very own 3-D puzzle: 3-D BIY (Build it Yourself) Instructions.

Share your drawings, descriptions, and images of both the process and final product from your creation with us to share here for others to see and peruse!

A one-of-a-kind game that features characters, relics, and castles from with in the Realm...

... click here to learn more.

Wizard Duels is a game we play at camp that can easily be played with a couple of friends!

...I challenge you to a duel of magical proportions!