Welcome to the Realm of Lore and Roleplay!

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Character Creation

A collection of Character Creation tips and tricks as well as a blank template to help visualize a character.

... name, background, lawful good or chaotic evil?

Houses of the Realm

The Adventures in Cardboard Realm is made up of six nobles houses, each one powerful and unique! Curious which house you align with? Take the quiz to find out!

... but where to put you?

Sword Lore

Tales and narratives passed down among the legends regarding some of the most ancient swords of the realm: their origins, their champions, those they fought, and those who ultimately triumphed against their strength.

...ouch! Thats sharp!


Relics are powerful objects that can make or break a competitive game of capture the flag. These mysterious magical cardboard creations come from the most unusual of origins.

.... yes, I do want to know more about unlimited power!

The Realm Archive

In its 8+ years of creative mythic outdoor play, Adventures in Cardboard has witnessed the emergence of many a zany character and the narration of a many a wacky storyline. Follow the link below to see, hear, meet, and experience some of these personalities and some of these captured moments.

.... onward! To adventure!