Game Days: Epic Celebrations


Whatever your cause for celebration, a Game Day is a fantastic way to squeeze the most exhilarating fun out of a single day. Our games are like live-action versions of strategic board games; think Risk or Stratego but played on your feet and where the playing board is several square miles of parkland divided into mythical provinces.

You can work as a team or strike off on your own. Territories can be found, captured and defended and are often populated by mystical characters. Ancient relics can be found in auspicious wild places and used with amazing magical effects.

The action in all of our games ranges from sportingly competitive to creatively improvisational. Whether students like to dive into mock battle or wander peacefully about the realm looking for hidden magic treasure or fantastic creatures to converse with, they will find something they love while immersing themselves in a beautiful natural setting.

Weeks before your event we will assign your students to various teams, with your input, and send them inspirational material. This could include maps, some backstory and small props they may find useful.

In the first hour of your game day our artists will help teams create tagging swords and shields and practice the rules of Safe Sword Tag. We then quickly dive into setting-up rules and expectations. Though the foundation of the game is strategic capture the flag, a layer of theatrical role-playing is woven in to affect outcomes based on how the kids interact with each other, how they interact with characters they meet and how they use magical relics found along the way. 

While we can create a game day event at your location, we highly recommend letting us coordinate with one of the many parks or institutions we work with. We've spent years scouting the most beautiful and varied outdoor green spaces, public and private, and we can probably identify such a place within fifteen minutes of your location.

Our game days events last anywhere between 3 and 8 hours, though we recommend a 4-6 hour time frame with a lunch break included.