Games Focus

This doozy is very popular with the P.E. teachers.  Based upon our summer camp’s Tactical Week template, the Live Action Games Focus is all about building sports etiquette, team strategy and communication, and playing your heart out with an exhilarating storyline provided.

A Games Focus Program begins with an introduction session that includes learning the overarching fantasy storyline, assembling pre-cut* tagger props**, learning safe sword tag, and diving into the Gameplay as soon as possible. All sessions after the first begin with a short time period to build or repair props before returning to the Gameplay. The majority of Games Focus Programs include one large scale game of Dominion that is played over multiple sessions (think ongoing live-action game of Risk).

Consider your time frame, numbers, and location. We recommend 2 hours per session (partnered with your teachers during the school day or as an after school program) with a recommended 3-5 sessions total (over the course of one week or multiple weekly sessions). We love to play our games in nature, even in snow and rain so long as kids are prepared. We’re very adaptable to your needs and are very excited to partner with your educators. Contact us with any questions or to get the ball rolling. Let’s talk!


* We will bring prop pieces ready to be assembled. While we are cutting out design time, kids still learn the building process and while allowing us to get to the Gameplay sooner.

** We will coordinate a method to best store Cardboard Creations so they do not distract students during school.