General Registration Opens Tomorrow, Sat. Jan 12th, 8am

Tomorrow begins our General Registration and we wanted you to be advised about sessions of camp available after our Early Registration Window for returning families ended today.  We offer an Early Registration Window for returning families to at least try to honor the relationships formed between cohorts of campers and their counselors. It’s not a perfect system, but every new family will get an early registration window the following year.

We post a Guide to Registering Without Frustration so families can try to plan on getting into some of our newer camps that take weeks instead of minutes to fill.

There are plenty of sessions available throughout the metro area and here is the updated list with the number of available spots for each week, as it will begin tomorrow at 8am.

  • Waitlists will be available as sessions fill until these list fill to over 12 and then are closed. If you can’t find a waitlist for a certain session, then it means that that waitlist has been closed for unrealistic expectations.
  • If you need assistance tomorrow, please email us at [email protected]. We will not be available this evening, but we will have six staff available tomorrow to try and reach your concerns as soon as possible.
  • In case of heavy traffic on our website copy this direct-link to the registration now and use should our system be hampered by traffic right at 8am!
  • Just know that when our site becomes live, here, at this link tomorrow, selections of camp will be available to choose before you even set up a new account or try to log into an old one. Follow these instructions:


  1. select a session of camp by clicking “price”
  2. scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “add”
  3. scroll up to the top and to the right indicate the “quantity” you want for that session
  4. repeat with each session…
  5. when you are done, click “Continue” and the race is over, the system will hold your place!
  6. breathe
  7. Take your time to finish your registration and camper info, but don’t leave the screen idle for more 1o minutes or it may reset.

We hope you all are able to find your first or second choices and with the people you’d like to be with in The Realm this summer!

-All the Staff and Counselors at Adventures in Cardboard®