Humblewood: The Great Tree


The Story: The journey to Alderheart continues, as the adventurers fight to protect the ancient groves from flames and bandits. Play as birdfolk or humblefolk in this exciting campaign setting for 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons, with new classes, feats, monsters, spells, and items. We'll be using a module for the virtual table top, including battle maps, character sheets, and artwork.

Style of Play: Although we will be using a pre-made setting and adventure, there will be plenty of room for improvisation and customized adventures. This is the second part of the campaign, but new players are welcome.

Preparation: You will need a free account on

GM: Chad Hines
suggested Grades: 5th, 6th, 7th
limit: 6 players
8 Sessions, 4-6pm
Mon & Fri, sep 21-Nov 14
Dungeons & Dragons 5e
Hosted on ROll20 & Zoom
About the GM: Long ago, Chad was in a college improv troupe and developed a love for making up stories with other people. Even longer ago, he played Dungeons and Dragons and read every fantasy and science fiction book he could get his hands on. More recently, he earned a PhD in literature, self-published a novel, and taught English in other countries.