The Moon over Grénnesden

The Story: Outside the sleepy Arkan village of Grénnesden, the dark pine woods hold a sinister secret. An ancient evil, once set to sleep by the Arkan bear-priests, has been awakened. Villagers have been disappearing, and none have returned from beyond the stern pines. Now, a band of fortune-seeking adventurers find themselves set to the task of uprooting this dark power before it is unleashed on all of Arko... and the Realm.

Style of Play: Highly theatrical and tailored to group interests. Includes fantasy violence, some spookiness, lots of magic and very high fantasy. The game will veer dramatic or humorous depending on the kids.

Preparation: Participants will need to either choose a premade character sheet from options that I will send out, or build their own if they know how. They must have a complete character sheet by the first session!


Screen Shot 2021-01-28 at 2.50.05 PM
GM: Rachel Howard Sulentic
suggested Grades: 5th - 7th
limit: 6 players
4 Sessions: Feb 9, 16, 23 & Mar 2 
Tuesdays, 4-6pm CST
D&D 5E
Hosted on Roll20

About the GM: Rachel (AKA Alfie the Elf Adventurer) loves to put her passions for fantasy, theatre, and the outdoors into action at Adventures in Cardboard. In addition to being an all-around nerd, she is an actor, professional artist, published author, and art educator at Kidcreate Art Studio. She lives with her husband, Logan, and loves playing Dungeons and Dragons in her free time. Rachel is excited to bring her expertise to the table and geek out with you as your Dungeon Master!