How to register - your selections of camp are saved at the start!

Here's how it works, the system will save your choices as soon as you have session in your cart! Then you cana take your time.

Note that you'll be able to select sessions or get on a waitlist for many camps. If you don't see a session even listed, this means that session is full and the waitlist is full. But get on a waitlist for any camp you're interested in, things will change fast in the first few days; if you check your email often for the first few days, it's likely a spot you are waitlisted on will open.

  • Click this Link! (General Registration will open on Saturday, Jan 14th at 10am. It may be a few seconds late or a few minutes late if there are latency issues... but it will be on. If it's not on don't send us an email telling us that, we will be aware of the problem and be seeking to fix it!)
  • Select your sessions of camp.
  • Scroll back up to the top and click the yellow Continue button.
  • You are now essentially done! The sessions you selected are being held for you!
  • Take a breath then finish logging on with an email and password... or make a new account, doesn't matter.

Take your time answering the questions, we want to get all the info about your kiddos and all their friend requests so we can facilitate the the best experiences for them!


If you encounter any problems, the fastest way to get help from us is to send us an email, not call! You can try calling, but on Jan 14th we will have ten staff people working to take your emails, ten at a time, and only a couple on the phone. Help will be on the way!


If a mistake is made often we can correct it the same night or the next morning, extra space is made available in every session to help us maneuver when needed and we'll do our best to make sure your are able to register for any sessions you'd like to, even if it takes us a minute, an hour or a day!


Thanks so much for supporting Adventures in Cardboard over the years! We appreciate your business and we appreciate the community you help us create!