It just lays us low to report that on Friday, May 22nd Adventures in Cardboard has made the extremely difficult decision to cancel all regular camps this summer, June through August. We’re heart-broken about this news. We were truly looking forward to being in full summer glory with you all (even in masks and physically separated!) and we still can be in some way this summer.

What does this mean for the future?

We are strategizing how to organize next year to run in 12 small bands instead of 4 big ones, and how to be nimble and coronavirus-protected without compromising who we are and how we run, for however many years we need to be.

What does this mean for AiC-style fun this summer in 2020?

If you’ve already told us you’d like to do an alternative June camp session we know that, those camps are happening and details are coming next week. Alt June camps however are now full, they had to be funded by a disaster loan and our loan has run out.

But… we are going to open registration for NEW activities for July and August. Look for details here in late June for:

  • small game days adapted for social bans by specific park
  • small castle exploration daysadapted for social bans by specific park
  • fantasy world building groups(This would be essentially what we do at camp adapted to happen from afar. Two AiC artists will lead a group of 6-8 campers through a month of fantasy world creation. Online check-ins would happen but the real work would happen outside of that black mirror – with drawing, writing, music-making, costume-making, video-making, game spinoffs that happen offline for co-created fantasy and science fiction worlds we’d LOVE to live in. And we’d share it out into a greater world that needs it.
  • …and of course continuing the Online RPG Board all summer and probably for the foreseeable future. In fact, online RPGs are happening now and new games are updated most Sundays at 6pm.

What does this mean for refunds?

If you are a family registerd for 2020 Summer Adventure Camp we are committed to getting your refund as quickly as we can, but if you have the ability to consider rolling your tuition into summer sessions 2021 it would be a help to us. Please respond with your choice in the email sent to you on May 22nd.

Rollovers We intend to be here for families for many years to come! If you are able to roll your tuition into Summer Adventure Camp 2021 it would help us greatly. We can incentivize this with:

  • a 10% discount on tuition for all game days, birthdays, workshops and other events in 2020 and 2021 outside of Summer Camp.
  • a special early registration window for Summer 2021 on January 9th a week before all other registrations begin.
  • access to ALL of our Mystery Hunts in the parks and access to our scheduling wiki for small group visits in the castles we are going to still erect one or two parks.
  • Shelley will also make your campers a hand-printed Graymalkin Relic T-Shirt.

Can you make a donation instead of a rollover? Certainly! A few families have asked us if we plan on hosting a campaign to help make 2020 a little easier for AiC and our staff to weather. YES, if you’re interested in making a donation with your tuition, you would have the same access to the rollover benefits listed above.

Refunds Of course if you need to process a refund we will get your tuition back to you as swiftly as we can, before your session of camp would have begun. We’ll be working as fast as we can, but the refund process is not automated and it takes time.

If you ordered t-shirts and would still like them, t-shirts can be available for pick up in July and August from our studio at 4501 Hiawatha Ave, Minneapolis… or you can refund your t-shirts as well.

Please do note: the sheer volume of processing refunds and rollovers will take all of our admin staff’s time and attention for a month. We have hired additional staff to help us achieve our goal of processing your request before your session of camp would have begun in July or August. We’ll keep you up to date as to our progress in that commitment and we ask for your patience.