To register as an adult for The Grown Up Game Day Fundraiser  you will have to enter your personal information as a “Camper” as well as a “Parent” whether or not you already have an account with our registration system. When it asks what relation you are to yourself, check anything you like!

We profusely apologize that the third party system will then ask for your age and gender. You can certainly lie about your age (just enter a number between 18-99) and we’re currently working with our provider to make gender a non-binary option. Enter whatever you feel like, we won’t count on “male” or “female” being accurate and we’ll start introductions for the day with our preferred pro-nouns!

You’ll also be asked to answer questions for your “child” in a Health History Questionnaire and to sign a waiver. Skip the child’s health questionnaire but you’ll still have to sign the waiver!

Finally, as described in the preparations page HERE, you’ll be given the option of paying more into the scholarship/transportation fund, if you like, by purchasing:

1) access to a bow and arrows,

2) magic spells or use of an ancient relic of power or

3) a fatecast that can be used once to replay a part of a game for a different outcome!

Nothing is fair in life or games, and less so in war and war games! Here’s to cheating well!

Thanks so much for your interest in joining us! The staff looks forward to meeting you all!