updated 6:33am, Wednesday, August 23rd

Today's Concerns: Heat Warning Issued

Camp Status: Camp is open, outdoors, relaxed schedule.

Temperatures are predicted to hit mid to upper 90's this afternoon with a heat index that may reach nearly 104 degrees by 3pm. We'll alter activities to host light games in the morning, sticking to shady zones, encouraging lots of fluid intake and trips to the creek and beaches whenever possible, though this may not be possible at French Regional Park.

Send your kids with a bathing suit and towel just in case.

Our official cancellation policy currently lists a predicted heat index of 115 by 6am to either cancel camp our move activities to indoor contingency sites. We'll continue to monitor predictions this week though currently today is predicted to be the hottest this week.




AiC's policy outlines that if we must cancel a day of camp or move indoors for the safety of campers and staff we do so without a refund or scheduled make up day. This policy has been accessible on our website since 2014 and appears in the camper registration process.