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Limitless Worlds

Adventures in Cardboard is a company of educators and artists that are always looking to explore.  While Residency Programs and Standalone Events are wonderful starting points for what schools and communities have sought in the past, Limitless Worlds is our way of starting a conversation to expand the possibilities of how art can be used in education.

What are your students studying?  Can we use cardboard crafts, gameplay, or roleplay to embellish the learning? We've found that creating a physical manifestation of a concept makes it much easier for students to grasp and incorporating gameplay with structured rules captures the attention of all kinds of temperaments.  Maybe you’d like us to create a set of game rules with dance choreography to articulate how electrons move from ground to excited states for your chemistry students. Maybe the kids are learning about the functions of ant colonies and we can build a giant cardboard ant colony maze (in the gym or outdoors), create a game system for the different roles of the ants, and build different cardboard masks and costumes for the different kinds of ants.  Maybe you’d like to commission us to make a diorama of the Battle of Gettysburg or you’d like to bring us in for a session mentoring students with our resources as they build cardboard dioramas of their own.

Our staff artists bring a wealth of knowledge and experience from many mediums and are excited to use our resources to engage a new level of education.  What excites us most about Limitless Worlds is the moment an educator initiates conversation and we go from not knowing to creating momentum in an idea that just started existing.  Even if an idea is generated that doesn’t include cardboard, gameplay, or theatrics, we are excited to connect you to growing and established creatives in the vibrant Twin Cities art community.

If you have an idea for “how art can be used in education,” please share it with us.  As Adventures in Cardboard develops relationships with more educators and its online capabilities, we will provide a database of ideas on this website for you to borrow and be inspired.  

We also know that it is difficult to achieve certain goals with a limited budget. We count grant writing and connecting to the right organizations as part of our skill set.  The funds for your goals are out there if you know where to look and how to ask.