Limitless Worlds Residencies


What are your students studying?  Can we use crafting, game play, or role play to embellish the learning? We've found that creating a physical manifestation of a concept can make it easier for students to understand and explore. Incorporating creative sculpture with structured rules for games and scenarios can capture the attention of all kinds of temperaments.  

Maybe you’d like us to create a dance game to articulate how electrons jump from ground states to excited states. Maybe you're working with some fascinated young myrmecologists who would love to build a giant colony in your gym and create a game system to explore the different roles of ants. Maybe you’d like to commission us to help you make a life sized diorama of the Battle of Gettysburg and staff it with students to post pics for the next Mannequin Challenge.

Some of our program accomplishments over the last few years include:

  • a 20 piece cardboard fretted orchestra
  • a hanging solar system with alien worlds from 3' to 9' in diameter
  • a human-sized, deep-sea aquarium
  • a functioning cardboard planetarium
  • a 20' pyramid of Giza
  • a replica of an actual submarine bridge

Our staff artists are innately curious and bring a wealth of knowledge and experience from many mediums. We love the creative momentum generated when educators approach us with new ideas. And if you have any ideas for “how art can be used in education,” we welcome your requests for creative feedback.