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Madeline Helling

Camp Coordinator (Blue Band)

Madeline is multidisciplinary artist and art educator who first set foot in the realm of Adventures in Cardboard in 2011.  Henceforth, she has worked as a counselor and coordinator. She is known as Shark to the earliest Hakarlan warriors.  Over the years, Madeline has been repeatedly misidentified and tragically mistaken for a goblin, The Living Mud, The Witch, and The Onion Witch. Let the record show she is none of these. And remember that in The Realm things are not always as they appear.

Outside of the realm, much of Madeline’s work centers around large-scale community collaborations. She is an Associate Artist at In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre, where she works on the annual MayDay Parade, the Phillips Project, residences and commissions. She is a Board member and artist for BareBones Productions and has twice co-directed the BareBones Halloween Extravaganza. And she LOVES cardboard gems.

Madeline as Colossus