Game Day at French Regional Park

"The Wolves of Eftirjolin"

Ages 8-16. 

Join Julian and the summer AiC staff for the latest Ikkerik-themed winter saga at French Regional Park.

It has been many winters since the coming of the Ikkerik and the founding of House Hákkarl in The Realm. But now Jarl Teigh-Bru Hahn has passed and the campaigns to the south have stalled. The Darach foes of the mountains proved tougher than expected for Clan Ulfrinner, Huskarls on the forefront of the Hákkarlan push south. The wolf mothers of Ulfrinner are on the defensive, hunkered down under their the northern fjords as the Darach make ready to devour them, until...

A long lost clan from across the sea returns as prophesized to join their sister wolves in a desperate time of need. The Ukumi - sundered in ancient times before the Ikkerik flight to Midgard.

Play in one of several new hybrid houses of Draki-Ikkerik people or the Ukumi of the mythical land of Wou.

We'll explore new rules for snow magic, magically-protecting snow forts, the legal capturing of enemy supplies and relics as well as new rules for traitors and team defections!

Það eru margar undur í höfuðkúpu!

high combat play

norse warrior
SATURDAY,  February 1, 10am-3pm, $79
FRENCH REGIONAL PaRk, 12605 Rockford Rd, Plymouth, THE OAKWOOD ROOM