The Hunted of The Sahn

The Story: A young khodéic band of warriors sets out on a boar hunt to prove their worth to the clan, but a run-in with dishonor colors them as outlaws and necessitates their escape from a cruel Sahn-Gliéran war leader to The Kingdom of Arko through the deadly forest of The D’raech. Wild woods and mountains. Khodéic swamp magic. Serpents and more! You may be Human or Goblinkin (Goblin, Orc, Ogre) if you choose!

Style of Play: Realmic-themed, this is an adventure set in the early history of the House of Sahn-Gliér! This will be very narrative and story heavy, lots of action, lots of famous characters of The Realm!

Preparation: You tell me what you want to play based on a simple questionnaire. Pre-made characters will be sent back to you based on your choices and you can further adapt them. Secret information and lore packets will come to you as well. This is information that only your character knows and that you may use to play and share with other players (or not) at your own peril!

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Game Master: Julian Mcfaul (he)
suggested Ages: 3rd, 4th, 5th grade
limit: 6 players
5 Sessions, 4-6pm
Mon-Fri, April 6-10
5th Ed D&D (simplified House Rules)
Hosted on zoom 

About the GM: Actor, designer, gamer, and all around general fool, Julian McFaul loves a good story. Expect good cheer and expect memorable, hilarious and thrilling stories we'll all create together!