The Green Haven Anomaly

The Story: Players are contracted by Purple Worm Mining Corporation to investigate mysterious disappearances that have business in town and operationa in surrounding mines on an indefinite hold.

Style of Play: The setting is an arcane industrial world where hardcore intellectual sleuthing ocassionally slams into ramabout and raucus adventure. With a healthy mix of roleplay and investigation, expect violent encounters and horror elements as well!

Preparation: Players will choose from a selection of pre-made characters or create a character at level 5 using rules I will send out. Character sheets should be emailed to me before the first session.

About the GM: Elizabeth Hickman Pine has been a house and games counselor for the Band of Mountains. She is an artist, educator and game master with a love for fantasy and birds.

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Game Master:  Liz Hickman PIne (she)
suggested Ages: 7th, 8th, 9th grade
limit: 6 players
5 Sessions, 3:30-5pm
April 6 - 10
5th Edition D&D
Hosted on ROll20