The Hunters of Crowhaven

The Story: The age of magic and monsters is nearing an end. The world now fears magic, and the last of the monsters that once roamed the land are hunted by groups of specialized Bounty Hunters. These Hunters still practice and study magic now formally outlawed for anyone not in the Hunter's Guild. Despite the benefit they provide, many shun or fear Hunters for being practitioners of magic. The players will assume the role of Hunters and explore a world filled with monsters, magic, mystery, and malice! Seek knowledge, wealth, or the thrill of the kill!

Will you join the Hunt?

Style of Play: A spooky, gothic fantasy setting with a strong narrative, and a fairly even mix of roleplaying and combat. There will be lots of dark magic, mystery and fantasy violence with plenty of creepy locations to explore, mysterious characters to meet, cursed and magical artifacts or weapons to find and strange monsters to fight.

Preparation: Players will each choose their characters from a selection of pre-made character sheets that I will provide. Everyone starts at level 1. However, your Hunter's name, personality, backstory, and appearance will be totally up to you! Character sheets must be chosen and completed before the first session.

Game Master: Marc Berg (he)
suggested ages: 6th, 7th, 8th grade
limit: 6 players
5 Sessions, 4-6:30pm
April 6 - 10
5th Edition D&D (relaxed house rules)
Hosted on ROll20 

About the GM: Marc is an artist, educator, performer, puppeteer, gamer, and all-around nerd. Marc has been both a player and game master of D&D, Pathfinder, and other such tabletop games for over a decade. Get ready for a rich narrative, immersive gameplay, and (most importantly) a lot of fun!