Stories from The Out

The Story: The year is 25XX and humanity has spread farther than you would ever have imagined. The Core Worlds are wondrous: billions of people on hundreds of planets sheathed in shining silver acrologies, but they're also constrained and tightly controlled by interplanetary governments and sinister megacorps. People who seek adventure and profit are squeezed from The Core to The Out: a multitude of fringe systems that answer to no law higher than petty local governors. In The Out you can make your name, make your fortune or make yourself disappear. The possibilities are endless in The Out: vagabond, bounty hunter, mercenary, trader, explorer... what are YOU going to do?

Style of Game: A Powered by the Apocalypse-style game designed for gritty sci-fi worlds like Firefly, The Expanse or Dark Matter. I usually run fairly sandbox games driven by player input with high thrills and some sci-fi violence while avoiding gore.

Preparation: Participants will read a simplified rule set (1-2 pages max) and think about their characters. I'll also send out a brief questionnaire to get players thinking about the game before it starts; we'll use the first session to finish our character/troupe creation and world building, finishing off with a bit of prologue play. The book and character sheets will be provided in PDF format.


science-fiction-cover-forward-futuristic-preview copy
Game master: Lewis IsTOK (he)
suggested Age: 8th, 9th, 10th grade
limit: 6 players
5 Sessions, 4-6:30pm
April 6 - 10
uncharted Worlds: SPACE OPERA RPG
Hosted on Zoom 

About the GM: I’ve been a castle builder with Adventures in Cardboard since 2018, and a great big nerd since forever. I have a passion for mathematics, games and artsy-craftiness. I studied theatre at Indiana University (South Bend) and mathematics education at Augsburg University. I've been running tabletop RPGs for almost two decades now. The thing I love about tabletop RPGs is that they tap into so many different types of creativity and let people explore the amazing human tradition of storycrafting.