The Magical Menagerie


Story: The wilderness abounds with fantastical beasts! Griffons, dragons, and stranger critters menace the lone outposts of civilization. Luckily, your intrepid band of adventurers has sworn to locate these beasts, hunt them down, and... capture them on behalf of Ichabod Mortimer's Fantasy Zoo? In this lighthearted roleplaying adventure, players will befriend, tame, and/or slay a host of dangerous fantasy beasties, all to appease an eccentric wizardly zookeeper.

Style of Play: Dungeon World is a fantasy roleplaying game with simple rules and an emphasis on improvisational storytelling. Expect magical hijinks, epic victories, and hilarious failures in a story shaped fundamentally by the players' actions. Also, expect to either ride a dragon or get eaten by a dragon. One or the other.
Preparation: Each player will fill out a short online survey, and then the Game Master will create the perfect character for them.

GM: Kieran "Cap'n Bob" Sheldon
suggested Grades: 4th - 6th
limit: 6 players
5 Sessions, August 17 - 21
Mon-FRI, 2-4pm CDT
Dungeon World
Hosted on Zoom

Game Master: Kieran (known at camp as "Cap'n Bob") is a Game Design student with over a decade of GM experience and a love of working with younger players. In his previous games, his 4th-8th-grade players have slain the Kraken, stopped an alien invasion, fulfilled an ancient prophecy, and accidentally opened a portal to the Viking Dimension. He can do a darn good pirate voice.