Thanks for joining us for The Realm in Minecraft on Saturday! Your AiC moderators, who are also counselors at camp, will welcome you and get you started!

You may join, leave and re-enter any time you wish between 2 and 5pm om Saturday. Full and detailed instructions for getting set up are written by Rory and Logan below.

The Realm is a miniaturized complete version of the map of the Realm we use for our camps and original online role playing games. You can study the map here first if you like. When you join Minecraft on Saturday there will be several team options for you to consider before we begin our epic game of Capture the Flag. Typically we will start with everyone in survival mode at your spawn of your choice: The Kingdom of Arko, The Camp and Mines of Sahn-Gliér, The Fortress of the Hákkarlans or the High Castle and City of Hart. The Aergwyll y Draechi and The Paládanic Sanctuary of A'quilah are much further away and far more difficult to find. If you want to seek these strange and far off lands you are welcome to locate them on your own, but Drake and A'quilah will probably not be in the game!

At some point moderators may switch from Capture the Flag to PVP or monster battles in gladiatorial dueling boxes hovering far over the ocean.

Campers and their older friends and family members may join, we just ask that any player register first and get on our whitelist so we know what to expect. This is fun for any age!

You don't have to play any of the competitive games to have fun either. Just like at camp, if you tire of battle you can simply wander The Realm in search of relics and adventure and a moderator will set you up with a quest if you ask. You can also find the portal to join our creative mode plane of existence and the adventure mode plane far off on the lonely Iztani continent.


See you in The Realm on Saturday and thanks for your support!

Julian McFaul and Shelley Chinander, Adventures in Cardboard


Here are the instructions for getting set up from Game Moderator Rory. If you have any problems email him for help at [email protected].


1) To Join the Minecraft Server

  • Once you open Minecraft and are on the title page, you should see three main options in the center or the screen: Single Player, Multiplayer, and Minecraft Realms.
  • Click the Multiplayer button and it will take you to a screen titled Play Multiplayer. Near the bottom right corner of the screen you should see a gray button that says Add Server, click on that
  • This will take you to a screen titled Edit Server Info. It will give you options to enter a Server Name or a Server You can ignore the Server Name part.
  • In the Server Address box type "" without the quotation marks. Click "Done" and it will bring up our server.
  • To start playing just click the triangle play button that pops up when you hover your mouse over the server (If you try to join the server and receive a message saying “you are not on the whitelist” that means that the server is currently closed. We use the whitelist to close the server during non- camp times, while still allowing our moderators to work on the server if need be. If you try to jump on during any of the Minecraft times listed in the welcome email we'll have the whitelist off and you'll be able to join in!)  

 One thing to keep in mind is that our current server is set up in the Java version of Minecraft (a computer only version of Minecraft).

Minecraft is a little strange in that there are two versions of the game, Bedrock version (for iPad, Xbox, Switch, etc.) and Java version (for PC and Mac). Because of how the games are coded they are basically two separate games that just so happen to look and act almost completely the same!

The staff who have been working on the Minecraft project only have access to the Java version of the game so that is the version we had to go with as we were developing the server.

Unfortunately, this means that if you normally play Minecraft on Bedrock edition you won’t be able to join the Java version of the Minecraft server.

If you would like to join the AIC server, we would highly recommend picking up the Java version of the game. Because Minecraft doesn’t use very complex graphics, even a mid-level computer will be able to run the game without issue.

Please let us know if we can do anything to help, or if you are using the Java version of the game and are having any other issues.


2) We are now updated and you can play on the latest version of Minecraft Java Edition.


 3) How to Play Capture the Flag on The Realm in Minecraft

  • Each player who desires to play Capture the Flag will be placed on one of the participating
  • The players will be teleported to their home kingdom where their 3 capture-able flags will be pre- placed. These flags are the same color as the team you are playing (Arko=Yellow, Hart=Red, A'quilah=Blue, Draech=Green, Sahn- Gliér=Purple, and Hákkarl=Black)
  • In your main keep, step on one of four pressure plates to select your The classes are Knight, Skirmisher, Wizard, and Archer. You will receive equipment for that class and can use it in any way you wish! If you want to try a different class just step on their pressure plate to change equipment.
  • It is sometimes possible to pick up equipment from a different class then the one you. To keep the game from becoming unbalanced, we ask that you do your best to use only equipment from the class you have currently selected.
  • Your primary goal is to get to the main keep of the enemy team, find their flag and run through it. Your character will automatically pick it up, it will be placed on your character’s head, and you will start to glow!
  • Once you have a flag run it back to your main You will find a block on the ground that is the same color as the flag you have captured. (i.e. I capture a Hart flag (Red). I run back to Arko and look for one of the red blocks on the ground outside my main keep.) After you run over the block with a over your head flag, the flag will automatically be removed from your head and placed on the ground on top of that block.
  • You can also recapture flags that have been taken by the enemy team in a similar You will just want to take the flag of your color back to the block of that same color in or around your main keep.


4) Frequently Asked Questions about Playing Capture-the-Flag

I’m lost! How do I get to the enemy kingdom?

We have large beacon beams set up to help direct you to the opposing kingdoms. A colored beacon means you’ve reached the edge of the kingdom of that color. (i.e. I see a red beacon! That means I’m on the edge of Hart territory) White beacons are placed on the trail between the kingdoms to help guide the way. If you’re wondering where to go follow the beams! If you can’t see the beams, because you fell into a huge pit with no means of escape…just let the moderator know and we’ll teleport you back to your home base.


I’m at the enemy base but I can’t find the flags! What do I do?

Hunting around for the flags is part of the fun, but we will give you some general directions as to where the flags for each kingdom are hidden.

  • Hart: In the courtyard of the castle on the
  • Arko: Inside the large white
  • Sahn-Gliér: Around a large firepit at the end of the road leading through the
  • Hákkarl: In the main keep and the two towers up the
  • Draech: Near the base of the Wizard’s
  • A'quilah: Inside the main keep surrounded by hanging


Oh no! I’m killed by another player! What happens?

If you are slain by another player you will automatically respawn at your home base. Just grab some equipment and jump back into the game.


Ooh! I’m a Wizard and I just picked up a bunch of potions from a Wizard I defeated! Can I use them?

Yes! Go for it!


Everyone is sending messages! How do I do that?

Press “t”, type your message, then hit enter to send it.


Your Friendly Crafters, Rory, Josh, Logan and the AIC Craft Crew