The Rookie Run


The Story: The crew of the Epimetheus may have finally gotten their big break—the aspiring interplanetary smugglers have landed their first real job: smuggling the Archduke of Pegana V along with his pet florph (whatever that is) to their chosen destination. This seems like a relatively simple job that will finally put the Epimetheus on the map, not to mention fix their cash-flow problem. But out here on the edge of Wild Space, in a sector crawling with of rutheless marauders, incompetent bureaucrats, and space-time anomalies that could easily erase your entire existence, nothing is ever that simple.

Style of Play: Fast and fun space opera with very simple rules. I emphasize clever problem solving and immersive role play while giving players their alien-blasting fix when they need it.

GM: Ben Shirey
suggested Grades: 3rd, 4th, 5th
limit: 6 players
5 Sessions, 4-6pm
Mon-Fri, May 4-May 8
Lasers and Feelings
Hosted on Discord 

Preparation: Read the Lasers and Feelings rules (one sheet) and think about what kind of galactic citizen you want to play. I am happy to provide character suggestions. The first session will begin with choosing LaserFeelings numbers.

About the GM: Ben is an archaeologist who enjoys the outdoors and adventuring games of all kinds. He loves ancient languages and epic literature as well as modern science fiction and fantasy stories.