More history? It’s up to you.

It’s up to you to take the stories where they will go. How do you fit into the world with your group and as an individual? There are many different families that comprise each of the Six Esteemed House and there is plenty of room for a variety of characters in each house. Not all in the House of A’quila, for example, might be Iztani Paladins. You might be a Wyddan warrior, who’s family identified with Iztani ways, seeking to heal the rift between the two great elder clans. You might be a renegade goblin spurned by her tribe who crawled half dead to the territory of the Khodé and was adopted into the House of Vildegris. By her exceptional service as a warrior she perhaps came to lead the greatest weorod of her day. You might be a Draki sage, devoted to creating long-lasting alliances between all clans, who decided to travel to the barbaric Grey Shores of The Ikkerik and teach the House of Hákarl deeper ways of magic and adapting to the customs of The Realm.

So, as part of whatever Esteemed House you find yourself in, what is your group’s family name? What is your new name? What kinds of adventures do you hope to have? What is the meaning of your eord-sigil to you and your group?

Have fun and the stories will come!