Lost in the Multiverse: Play or Learn to Game Master!

Story: In this game, come and try your hand at being the DM! The crew of the Epimetheus, also known as Eppie, have found themselves thrown into the multiverse! Each time they think they've found their way back, they fall into another vortex into an unknown world.

What world?


Each session, after the first one, will have 2 parts: The DM session and the play session.
Once in the game, each player will have the chance to meet with Brynn 'one on one' session to plan their turn to DM. After that, the rest of the players will join us for their planned adventure! (Not to say it won't go off the rails in the best of ways!)

Unicorn Universe? Absolutely. Meta-Metroid of Doom? You got it. The Realm? Go for it! Whatever universe you dream up, we'll work together to bring it to life for our friends to explore!

Preparation: If you'd like to brainstorm a universe beforehand, you may! Otherwise, we'll come up with one together! Please also make sure you have access to google drive! This is where we'll have our DM info during the session.

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GM: Brynn Berryhill
suggested Grades: 6th, 7th, 8th
limit: 6 players
6 Sessions, JuLy 27-August 7
Mon, Wed, Fri, 4-6:15pm CST
Lasers & feelings
Hosted on Zoom (& Googledocs)

Game Master: Hello hello! I'm Brynn, a performer and improvisor in the twin cities! I've been a counselor at AiC for 2 years and a games master for one! I absolutely love making characters and bringing them to life! I collect hobbies, so I've ended up doing parkour and fire spinning, too! I can't wait to meet you in whatever world we end up in!