Game Days


Our Game Days are a one day smorgasbord of Adventures in Cardboard's crafting, theater and live action strategic games. Think Risk or Stratego, but played on your feet and where the playing board is several square miles of parkland divided into mythical provinces. You can work as a team or strike off on your own. Territories can be found, captured and defended and are often populated by mystical characters. Ancient relics can be found in auspicious wild places and used with amazing magical effects.

The action in all of our games ranges from sportingly competitive to creatively improvisational. Whether kids like to dive into mock battle or wander peacefully about The Realm looking for hidden magic treasure or fantastic creatures to converse with, they will find something they love while immersing themselves in a beautiful natural setting.

In the first hour of your game day our artists will help teams create the basic equipment you will need to strike off on your own in a dangerous realm, capable of brokering mortal decisions in the blink of an eye. Typically this starts with a sword and shield, but may branch off into any fancy.  After practicing the rules of Safe Sword Tag, we quickly dive into a game of strategic capture the flag, with a layer of theatrical role-playing woven in to affect outcomes based on how the kids interact with each other, how they interact with characters they meet and how they use any magical relics found along the way.


Please consider the level of combat play in each activity. The expectations for combat play set up in summer adventures can be very different from the expectations set up in each different workshop.

Make sure you're signing up for the right class!

  • Red indicates a HIGH level of combat play, the workshops are centered around this type of play.
  • Orange indicates a MODERATE level of combat play with a little time set aside for it each day.
  • Yellow indicates a LOW level of combat play, it might happen but should not be expected daily.
  • Green indicates NO COMBAT PLAYParticipants should not expect or ask for any combat play.



Spring Games 2019

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Game Day #1: SOVEREIGNS of the HORDE

Saturday May 18th, 10am-4pm, 107 Prospect Park Southwest (at the corner of 16th St.), ages 8-15


 High Combat Play


With Julian McFaul, Aaron Vanek and our fantastic summer AiC team!

Based around the formation of the Federated Ogrekin of the Sh'ne Sahn, come play as one variety of these related, sensitive, intelligent, tusked individuals BEFORE the "Great Peace of Uneating" was established.

Long before the council of Nh'gatha Shrûk and the formation of the Federated Clans of the Sh'ne Sahn, the various surviving bands of Ogrekin roamed the foothills of great Mount Emet and ate whatever they could find, including each other. This was after the strife of The Ugly War, year 3033 B.E., where all the tusked and tufted robusts of the Unseelie Court were driven from the mountain by the smooth and gracile Seelie Court of Elves and their early Dwarven allies.

Choose to play Brûcûk (Ogres), Araklak (Orcs) or Blaatu (Goblins). We'll follow a classic Dominion game plan with new rules for oversized weapons, shamanic powers, mixing medieval melee and nerf gear, and with added rules for leveling up and increasing power and influence.

Brûcûck  play with oversized weapons and strength.
Araklak  play with fantastic shamanic powers and supreme organization.
Blaatu  play with a chaotic array of technology including nerf gear.



Fall Games 2019


Please stay tuned!


More games will be posted here on Sun, Aug 3rd!