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We are back at the indomitable Lookout Hill in Prospect Park, Brooklyn and now also in the old growth woodlands and ravines of Forest Park, Queens!


Our Game Days are a one day smorgasbord of Adventures in Cardboard's crafting, theater and live action strategic games. Think Risk or Stratego, but played on your feet and where the playing board is several square miles of parkland divided into mythical provinces. You can work as a team or strike off on your own. Territories can be found, captured and defended and are often populated by mystical characters. Ancient relics can be found in auspicious wild places and used with amazing magical effects.

The action in all of our games ranges from sportingly competitive to creatively improvisational. Whether kids like to dive into mock battle or wander peacefully about The Realm looking for hidden magic treasure or fantastic creatures to converse with, they will find something they love while immersing themselves in a beautiful natural setting.

In the first hour of your game day our artists will help teams create the basic equipment you will need to strike off on your own in a dangerous realm, capable of brokering mortal decisions in the blink of an eye. Typically this starts with a sword and shield, but may branch off into any fancy.  After practicing the rules of Safe Sword Tag, we quickly dive into a game of strategic capture the flag, with a layer of theatrical role-playing woven in to affect outcomes based on how the kids interact with each other, how they interact with characters they meet and how they use any magical relics found along the way.

Finally, every game has a different story. Sometimes we get quite fanciful with the backstory and tie it all into a much larger history that is always developing in The Realm. This is a history you can add to by your actions and deeds if you like, but you can also utterly ignore it. Some players focus on tactics and strategy exclusively, some just want to walk around with their newly crafted sword and duel whomever will accept their challenge, some like to explore for relics and others get quite theatrical with characters while they look for counselors or other players to interact with. Yet it all blends together quite well and most often everyone finds a way to be part of the whole!


Please consider the level of combat play in each activity. The expectations for combat play set up in summer adventures can be very different from the expectations set up in each different workshop.

Make sure you're signing up for the right class!

  • Red indicates a HIGH level of combat play, the workshops are centered around this type of play.
  • Orange indicates a MODERATE level of combat play with a little time set aside for it each day.
  • Yellow indicates a LOW level of combat play, it might happen but should not be expected daily.
  • Green indicates NO COMBAT PLAYParticipants should not expect or ask for any combat play.



Saturday Game Days, Fall 2019:

Register for one game and get half-off the second!


Saturday September 28th, 10am-4pm, 107 Prospect Park Southwest, ages 8-15

 High Combat Play


With Julian McFaul, Dan Jones and our fantastic summer AiC team!

Four warbands battle in a dark ages sword and sorcery setting! This is a simple and nimble game, a variant of capture the flag where each team has slightly different powers and territories to start. The following backstory is there for flavor, you can play with it as much or as little as you like, but you need no experience in live action tactics or theatre to have fun and enter our world quickly!


We play our game this week among the Ghoddic tribes of Middangeard, ten years before the Honeytooth clan sail to The Realm and found the mythical House of Arko. Four warbands sharing a sordid history of conflict battle for the best, last lands in a dying world.

One warband will play the The Meonwára, a clan from the north under the leadership of Irminic son of Irminred. The Meonwára, Wolves of the North, were chased out of the southern part of Middangeard by NIgthing and Hunigtoth warriors twenty years ago. Now forced back by a relentless draught, the Meonwára recently expelled the Nithings from their fortress at Ypwinesfloat and wish to consolidate their holdings.

A second band will play the warband of The Hunigtoth, or Honeytooth, under the leadership of twin warriors Aethel and Aescer, The Heorthgeneats. The Honeytooth had been dispossessed from their richest lands twenty years ago when forced to side with The Nithings on the frontline against the invading Meonwára. When the Meonwára were expelled, the Nithings took all lands and subjugated the badly beaten lords of Honeytooth.

​A third band will play The Nithing clan under the leadership of Queen Bothild and her daughter Eabea. They have sorcerous allies among a fourth band: Lord Wuffa and The Dréowudu of The Dark Forest. The Nithings have just been expelled from their fortress at Ypwinesfloat and have regrouped in Dréocliff with their allies to take back what they gained twenty years ago and destroy their enemies once and for all. They are counting on help from the Dréowudu and their fearsome Waerloga.

If you are familiar with the history of The Realm you know all of this battling is futile. A draught that began in the north of Middangeard will soon spread to all parts of the south forcing a terrible choice among all the clans to either stay in desolation or flee. This draught was blamed on the thirst of the Mead-God Aegir whose devotees spread from the Honeytooth among all clans of the south. The Meonwára say he drank the river.


The Meonwára, sea-blue banner with sprinting wolves, lead by Thegn Irminric son of Irminred

The Hunigtoth, sun-golden banner with a dancing bear, lead by Thegns Aethel and Ascer, twins of Leofric son of Leodric

The Nithings, blood-red banner with black ravens diving, lead by Thegn Bothild and her daughter Eabea

The Dréowudu, cornflower-purple banner with dragonflies encircled, lead by Wuffa and their Waerloga.


FOREST PARK GAME: The Marches of Nagooth

Saturday OCTOBER 5th, 10am-4pm, Myrtle Ave & Park Ln S, QUEENS, ages 8-15

 High Combat Play

Caer Sidi

With Julian McFaul, Dan Jones and our fantastic summer AiC team!

Ridiculous elves and wingnut goblins battle over territory and the acquisition of magical power! This is a simple and nimble game, a variant of capture the flag where each team has slightly different powers and territories to start. The following backstory is there for flavor, you can play with it as much or as little as you like, but you need no experience in live action tactics or theatre to have fun and enter our world quickly!


Two hundred and eleven years ago... it had been postulated among The Realm's most learned mages that ley lines of deep magical power must expand like a web from nexus points yet undiscovered in the wildest parts of The Realm. And so multitudes of The Realm’s most ambitious and power-seeking mages disappeared in search of the mythical ley lines, never to return... except one. A certain Sage-Lord Aelfrith confirmed the existence of ley lines deep within the Marches of Nagooth. But before any of the reports could be read beyond Aelfrith's immediate coterie, a great cataclysm struck and Humankind disappeared forever from The Realm. Aelfrith’s reports were buried in ruin among the tossed stacks of the lost Duchy of Duckforth.

Some twelve years back... a young and sporting band of goblins who had renounced the Great Sahn of Goblinkind, marauders and spell-tricksters all, re-emerged from the Absolute Wild to which they had fled. This plucky band of prestidigitous dart-chuckers discovered Aelfrith’s reports while mucking about in the ruins of Duckforth. It took some fatal experimentation but evidently the Snôtling spell-tricksters succeeded in interpreting Aelfrith’s notes and locating the mythical ley lines. They attempted to summon an underworld lord by the name of Maghrek, but in their spirited incantations the Snôtlings, being as notoriously undisciplined as they were enthusiastic, succeeded in tearing open the fabric of space and time. Their Lord of Ooze failed to make any appearance but did manage to dreck upon the Snôtlings before his trajectory was short-circuited and the great pulsing ley lines dumped a fantastically wild array of peoples, relics, structures and lands into the backwater Elvish principality.

Two years to this day... an Elven knight from Nagooth on a hunting trip in the Marches sighted unusual goblins along the borders of the Absolute Wild. They were brandishing strange and evil-looking tubes of metal in a manner that threatened the young knight and sent him turn-tail galloping towards home. Embarrassed, the knight was forced to admit under Elvish torture techniques that while fleeing the Snôtlings their tubes discharged frightening beams of multicolored fire; his mount’s hindquarters bore the marks to prove it. The Margrave of Nagooth, not impressed with her knight, was nonetheless intrigued by his report and sensed power for her taking. She had the reporting knight disglottled and declined any consult with the High Emperor before sending several of her own vassals to explore. Abandoning all protocol she planned to lay claim to whatever she could of these new lands and perhaps get her hands on some of those little Snôtling fireworks.

Now... intensely rifted lands in the Marches of Nagooth are being claimed by both renegade goblin and backwater elf. Separate bands of Snôtlings and Nagoothniks have set up camps upon the borders of ancient and powerful magical ley lines and they have begun meddling about in a bath of raw magical power while they try to negotiate complete control of the surrounding territories.

Will some backwater elf or half-mad goblin control and master these tracts of magical lands before either the High Emporer of the Elves or The Great S’ahn of Goblinkind discovers the unauthorized intrusions? Will you help them do it?


...the above pic is a small part of one of our castles in Minnesota, Summer 2019.


Spring 2019: SOVEREIGNS of the HORDE

Prospect Park, May 18th, 2019

 High Combat Play


With Julian McFaul, Aaron Vanek and our fantastic summer AiC team!

Based around the formation of the Federated Ogrekin of the Sh'ne Sahn, come play as one variety of these related, sensitive, intelligent, tusked individuals BEFORE the "Great Peace of Uneating" was established.

Long before the council of Nh'gatha Shrûk and the formation of the Federated Clans of the Sh'ne Sahn, the various surviving bands of Ogrekin roamed the foothills of great Mount Emet and ate whatever they could find, including each other. This was after the strife of The Ugly War, year 3033 B.E., where all the tusked and tufted robusts of the Unseelie Court were driven from the mountain by the smooth and gracile Seelie Court of Elves and their early Dwarven allies.

Choose to play Brûcûk (Ogres), Araklak (Orcs) or Blaatu (Goblins). We'll follow a classic Dominion game plan with new rules for oversized weapons, shamanic powers, mixing medieval melee and nerf gear, and with added rules for leveling up and increasing power and influence.

Brûcûck  play with oversized weapons and strength.
Araklak  play with fantastic shamanic powers and supreme organization.
Blaatu  play with a chaotic array of technology including nerf gear.