Dragon Snot

Traditionally, our brave Arts and Play Instructors chose one of their own through a fierce competition of drawn straws to determine who will collect dragon snot. Dragon snot is exactly what it sounds like, the muccus of dragons. It can be collected by either directly picking a dragon's nose for large boogers or waiting for the opportune sneeze. Either way, it is a risk for the chosen instructor as dragons rarely allow for anyone beyond themselves to pick their own nose - and at the chance that they do sneeze, the instructor might be burned into a crisp rather than gathering the treasured snot.

Once the snot has been collected, the instructor returns to camp - with the process repeated the next time the supply of dragon snot begins to dwindle.


For your sake (and for own), we have created a "dragon snot" mimic so that no instructors or dragons will be harmed in the creation of paper-mached cardboard works!

Dragon Snot

a.k.a Paper mâché

Add ½ cup corn starch to 1 cup of COLD water, mix well.

Put the mixture in a large stock pot over low flames and mix slowly until the mixture thickens.

Add additional water as needed, continuing to stir mixture over low heat until the desired consistency is reached. The mixture will be opaque in appearance and have the consistency of thick glue.

Add additional water if it is too thick. Mix well with a spoon to get rid of any lumps.

When decorating your objects, tear paper into small pieces (about the size of a raffle ticket) and crumple up. Crumpling the paper increases the amount of surface area for the paper mâché to hold onto. Make sure that you are not glopping massive amounts of paper mâché onto your object as that is a waste of materials and does not help your object dry.

Once you have applied a combination of paper mâché and paper to your object, leave it to dry for 2-3 hours.

Apply more paper and paper mâché as needed until you have a completely covered object!

Ta Da!

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