“War of The Realm” Play Test

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Activity: Julian has created a new strategy board game based on the lore and map of The Realm as it is known and loved in camp.

Play as the leader of one of the four esteemed houses, Hákkarl, Hart, Arko, Sahn-Gliér, Draech or A'quilah! Build troops and catapults, capture territories, befriend sorcerers and manticores! Amass a fortune of gold and silver to raise your armies but careful about inflation!

Preparation: includes a cursory reading of the rules that Julian will send out this week. Please be prepared to play with sports-personship and not get sore if you start losing. Julian will act as referee and not play a house himself!

Counselor: Julian is the primary inventor behind the madness called Adventures in Cardboard. As part of a push to explore and celebrate the lore of The Realm, Julian has created a new strategy board game that should be available this summer to access for free after you all help him play it first for fine tuning.

Counselor: Julian McfAul
suggested Grades: probably 10 and up?
Limit: 6 participants
2 sessions, May 28 & 29
Thursday and Friday, 10am-12pm 
Hosted on Zoom, Miro and Virtual Dice