The Pool of Eternal Spring

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The Story: While visiting a library tucked away at a monastery deep within the mountains, our band of adventurers discovers a book that, when read, transports its readers to a strange forest beset with dark creatures that wish to disrupt the ecosystem and corrupt it to suit their own nefarious desires.

Style of Play: Using a combination of narrative storytelling and improvisation, I strive to create a world in which players can feel connected to the events and effect change, while also maintaining a cohesive plot. The game will include fantasy violence and mild spookiness.

GM: Nick Nootenboom (they/them)
suggested Grades: 5th - 8th
limit: 5 players
6 Sessions, May 3 - June 8
Tiuedays 4:30-6:30pm CST
Hosted on Discord & Roll20

Preparation: We will be playing as Level 8 Characters. Players can choose from one of the six premade character sheets that the GM will provide, or they can create their own if they would like. If you are making a custom character, feel free to use any D&D books you have access to. Any character sheets made by the players need to be sent to the GM three days prior to the first game.

About the GM: Nick is a nonbinary visual artist and theater enthusiast who has been running D&D games for their friends for close to two years and has been a player for over three years. Nick believes that storytelling is a simple yet powerful tool to convey complex ideas to people from all walks of life and that tabletop roleplaying games provide us with a unique way to build communities and collaboratively stretch imagination to the limit.

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