Game Days in Louisiana - First Gathering, Saturday, May 13th!

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Adventures in Cardboard will be hosting weekend Game Days and other events in the Fall and Spring starting in September 2023! Game Days are a one day smorgasboard of fun. Players learn the rules and backstory for a game and then start by crafting their own gear - swords, armor, masks and other accoutrements that may help them in the game. Breaking into teams players spread out into wooded trails to establish kingdoms for an extended game of Strategic Capture the Flag. While characters engage in the contest of flag and territory captures they also quest for ancient relics of power hidden in the land that will give them a competitive magical edge. Characters and creatures may be encountered along the trails that may attempt to thwart or aid players in their contest!


First Gathering, Saturday May 13th, 11am-2pm, Clouet Park

Adventures in Cardboard staff will meet families interested in our project for a free event. Come meet us, try some of our games and let us know you're interested. Participants will also receive coupons for our first Game Days coming this Fall!


Possible Game Sites

Couterie Forest

Audobon Park