The Adventures in Cardboard Residency


Adventures in Cardboard will bring a sense of wonder and student-driven play to your school.

Our residency programs can take shape in a number of ways to fit a variety of needs. Consider how you’d like to schedule our visits. Once a week over multiple weeks or several days in a row? During school or after school?

Take a look at some of the adaptable programs below or talk to us about your own crazy awesome ideas. We love to collaborate.

  • Build basic props and costumes.
  • Play strategic live-action games.
  • Explore fantasy role playing.
  • Play a sustained, multi-day, live action game in a fantasy setting.
  • Practice team strategy and communication skills.
  • Assemble and customize prepared armor and costume pieces.
  • Design and build original props.
  • Design and build an inhabitable fantasy structure. (i.e. castle, village, ship, labyrinth, etc...)
  • Set aside lots of time for free role-playing in the installation.
  • Host a final event in the installation. (i.e. a grand tour, festival, or optionally learn safe sword tag and play a final game)
  • This is typically one project with many groups contributing.