Book Creation and Library of The Realm

Actvity: Let's build some books! Over 4 sessions we will build several different types of bound books using both paper and cardboard as well as touch on the historical relevance of each! With permission, any books that are created will be eventually uploaded into the digital Library of the Realm for others to explore!

Preparation: Each class will be slightly different in its preparation, but participants will mainly need blank cardboard, yarn and a needle, blank paper, a hot glue and sticks, tape, and scissors.

Counselor: Maggie (she/her or they/them) is a practicing artist and book nerd based in the Twin Cities. She likes sour candy and lasagne (but not together). Maggie lives with her partner, Micah, and dog, Pizza.

Counselor: Maggie Arbeiter 
suggested Grades: 5 and up
Saturdays, 2-3:30pm
Limit: 4 participants only!
Hosted on Zoom