The link you just clicked will not bring you here but to our actually registration site after Saturday, Jan 13th, at 10am. 

Until then click Summer Adventure Camp 2024  on the menu above for more information and check out the info below.

How Registration has been organized for 2024:

We've added more camps (and will add many more in 2025!)...

We have the capacity to add four more weeks of camp to Summer 2024. This should help leave more spots available for newcomers. We'll hopefully be able to add eleven more camp in 2025: many new experienced people joined our staff last year and as these valuable new folks gain confidence, we expect to grow without losing any quality in our programming.

Camps fill quickly, newer locations are likely to have more open spots...

On General Registration day many camps may already be filled from an early registration process for returning campers and waitlisted campers from 2023. That said, spots will likely still be open for weeks at our newer locations in Spring Lake Park Reserve (Hastings) and Nine Mile Creek (Bloomington).

If you can't find an open spot that works for your family on General Registration then getting on a number of waitlists WILL be advantageous. Our waitlists turn over fairly quickly and can help you get into a camp a few weeks down the line.

The waitlists work...

No registration process is perfect, but we love newcomers! We need newcomers! We want you to get into camp and become a sustained part of our community! Though our process can add an extra step for newcomers, early regiustration windows help us sustain the relationships built between campers and staff.  So if you can't find an open spot that works for your family schedule, we suggest getting on any waitlists for camps that do; many spots open and most people with a flexible summer eventually get into a camp from a waitlist. Our office will be in communication with you. If you don't get into a camp from a waitlist, we'll bump you into an early registration window the following year.

Taking any of our Spring or Fall camps will also get you into an early registration window the following year.


Walking through the actual registration process

Starting January 13th at 10am you can access the registration link from anywhere on our website.

You will need not to set up an account first!  When you click the link and registration is Active yuou'l select Summer Adventure Camp 2024 and then you'll see all of our camp listed. Selecting your camps and putting them in your cart only takes a few moments. Once your selected camps in your cart, the system will hold your choices so you can take your time making an account, logging in to an old one and filling out all the important information we'll need.

Please note, if you click the link now when registration is not open you will see 'No seasons to select.' or 'Season opens Jan 13th.'  At 10am on Saturday you will see Summer Adventure Camps 2024!


  • Click this Link! General Registration will open on Saturday, Jan 13th at 10am. 
  • Select the Summer 2024 season.
  • Sign in with your email and password.
  • Select your sessions of camp.
  • Scroll back up to the top and click the yellow Continue button.
  • You are now essentially done! The sessions you selected are being held for you!
  • Take a breath then finish logging on with an email and password. Take your time answering the questions, we want to get all the info about your kiddos and all their friend requests so we can facilitate the the best experiences for them!


Note that you'll be able to select sessions or  get on a waitlist for all camps. If you don't see a session listed at all this usually means one of two things 1) the birthdate you entered for your child puts them outside the age range for that camp, or 2) the week is full and the waitlist is also full.

If you get on a few waitlists things will change fast in the first few days. Check your email once a day for a waitlist notice from Adventures in Cardboard, it's likely a spot will open and you'll have a day to respond before the system moves on.

If you encounter any problems, the fastest way to get help from us is to send us an email, not call. On Jan 13th we will have ten staff people working to take your emails, and only a couple on the phone. Help will be on the way even if it takes an hour or two. We prioritize your requests based on the time they came in, not the time we were finally able to get to you.

If a mistake is made we can correct it the same night or the next morning, extra space is made available in every session to help us maneuver when needed and we'll do our best to make sure your are able to register for any sessions you'd like to, even if it takes us a minute, an hour or a day!


Thanks so much for your interest in Adventures in Cardboard! We appreciate your business and we will work with you as best as we can. Always let us know how we are doing and if we can serve you better!