A Rumor of Relics

The Story: An Adventure in The Realm as it exists at an Adventures in Cardboard!  Lounging in a very comfortable inn run by friendly Arkans, the food is hearty, the fire warm, and the rumor mill juicy. One of your party overhears tell of an ancient and powerful relic that has been spotted in the hinterlands, but not retrieved. Many days of travel and a host of dangers or potential friends lies between you and Fortune. Do you dare? (I mean, of course you do!)

Style of Play: I like the players to lead the way of what is possible, without a bunch of mechanics getting in the way. I’m your guide, not your boss. Let’s build characters and a story! Let’s explore the beloved Realm! If you want to make actual props and costumes for your character, we can do that! At the end of the session players will receive a hang-forged cardboard item representing the Adventure completed.

Preparation: This is meant to be a quick-set-up game, getting right to the playing. If you are familiar with The Realm, the rules are a page, including character creation. If you don’t know the sword-and-sorcery fantasy Realm, I have prepared a 3-page document that goes over its basics. That’s it! You can come to the first session with a character already set up, but if you want help we will have time for that. I can provide characters to play if you give me an idea of what you want.

GM: Diana "Half Human" McCleery
suggested Grades: 4th, 5th, 6th
limit: 6 players
5 Sessions, August 10 - 14
Mon-Fri, 2-4pm CDT
homebrew based on Lasers & feelings
Hosted on roll20

About the GM: This is my fourth year at AiC, coming from Live Action Roleplay and good ole AD&D. I’ve done some amateur/Guerilla theater for decades. I dig hanging out in the woods and making amazing things out of cardboard, which isn’t happening so much this year, but The Realm is never farther away than our love for it.