The Heroes of Rubywillow 2: The Great Flood

The Story:  The Heroes of Rubywillow have returned! This game is a sequel to a game I ran earlier this summer, but you are not required to have played the first game.

You are the Heroes of Rubywillow, in a fantasy world inhabited by small woodland animals who have their various kingdoms and clans, and experience the adventure of a lifetime!

In the first installment, after lightning destroyed their treetop village (Rubywillow), the Heroes journeyed across the Shimmering Forest to find magical springwater capable of restoring their tree to its former glory. The Heroes were successful in their quest, and went down in history as legends. Now, years later, the Heroes must once again band together to save Rubywillow, along with the rest of the Shimmering Forest! The Great Dam in the North has burst, and the entire Shimmering Forest has been flooded. Your village Elder, Chief Appleblossom, has told you of a powerful Water Spirit that lives far in the North. Perhaps this Water Spirit can rid the Valley of these terrible floodwaters, and help restore the Great Dam. You must travel far to the North, across the newly-flooded Forest, rescuing as many other animals as you can along the way, to reach the Temple of Wintersea. There, you must commune with this mysterious Water Spirit and save the realm!

GM: Marc Berg
suggested Grades: 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th
limit: 6 players
10 Sessions, August 10 - 21
MondayS-FridayS, 12-2pm CDT
CUSTOM rules loosely based on D&D
Hosted on ROll20 

Style of Play: Custom rules inspired by D&D, designed to be easy-to-learn and simple to play. This is a fantasy adventure game, heavily inspired by the Redwall book series and classic fantasy stories like Lord of the Rings. There will be a big focus on roleplaying and group storytelling, as well as plenty of fast-paced combat with easy-to-learn rules. You’ll meet friends and foes, as well as find traps, puzzles, treasure, and surprises around every turn! Plenty of interactive maps, character tokens, and music to set the scenes.

Player Preparation: A FUNCTIONING MICROPHONE IS REQUIRED. We will be using voice chat to communicate, and it is crucial that we can all hear each other. Headphones are encouraged, because they help cut down on feedback and echoing. We will spend the first 30-60 minutes of the first session learning how to play and creating characters. You will receive some background information before the first session, but don’t do get ahead of yourself — all final decisions about our characters will be made on the first day. You will all need to register a free account on, if you don’t already have one. Everyone will receive an invitation link to the game in their email on the first day, before we play. A NOTE TO RETURNING PLAYERS: If you played the previous installment of Rubywillow, and you have a character you'd like to bring back, we will still be making adjustments and improvements to that character during the character-creation portion of the first session

About the GM: Marc Berg is a seasoned Game Master with over a decade of experience running tabletop games such as Pathfinder and D&D. He likes to run games with a focus on roleplaying and exploration; rewarding cooperation, creativity, and curiosity.